USV Taxi Systems

An important feature of the future MCM systems is the ability to keep the manned mothership well out of the exposed mine area.

The AUV is typically slow moving and has a limited battery and thus range endurance. This means that the ability to launch and then transit the AUV at a relatively high speed to the critical area piggyback on the USV is critical. The USV have an important role as a relay and positioning system for the AUV during the operation, and is a natural host for the AUV during the transit. An automated L/R operation of the AUV from the USV is critical to make this scenario work.

The L&R Systems are made on specifications for each project. We make single and dual-stage systems which can launch & recover Hugin up to 5 meters freeboard and in very rough seas.

  • 20″ standard container or 30″ custom made container
  • High strength low weight aluminium welded construction
  • Powerful hydraulic system
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