ATLAS Lightweight Tactical Ladder (LTL)

Sponsored by USSOCOM, Atlas Devices has engineered a new state of the art for tactical ladders. The LTL system features a sophisticated design optimized for an exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio that offers durability, versatility, and incredibly light weight without sacrificing strength or height.

The innovative, patented locking joint design enables not just the ability to rapidly deploy and stow the LTL, but also the ability to separate the assembly into smaller sections to optimize load carry and length. The Atlas LTL system sets a new standard for what a tactical ladder can provide.


Easily separable into smaller sections, the LTL system’s weight can be distributed among several people and rapidly reassembled on-site. It can also be configured for shorter lengths or deployed as several ladders, making it a single solution for many different missions.


The 28 foot full-length ladder weighs less than 45 lbs.


Collapsed envelope fits entirely within torso, enabling unimpeded freedom of movement even when prone: ideal for urban and confined operations. Space within frame provides storage and protection for additional equipment.

Render_LTL_Expanded Broken_No Background