Ladder Reel

The Ladder Reel is used to efficiently operate wire ladders. Its functional, strong, flexible and lightweight design makes it perfect for fast operation of wire ladders, but is also beneficial for transportation and storage. It features a carbine hook for securing the ladder to the reel and a snap hook for holding the ladder in place when it is rolled on. A collapsible handle on each side enables fast and precise handling.

The Ladder Reel is constructed from rubber castings around a spring steel insert. This ensures high performance, and flexibility with high strength, and the rubber sheath prevents damage and abrasion to surrounding equipment.
  • The handles are fast and easily collapsed into the ladder reel for fast and easy transportation and handling.
  • The handles enables fast spooling of the wire ladder on and off the ladder reel.
  • A carabiner hook fastens the wire ladder to the hub, and another spring clamp secures the ladder end to secure the wire ladder in place.