REBS Launcher

The REBS® Launcher enables users to access high-up entry points by launc a grapnel hook on to a permanent fixture and then ascending ropes fixed from that point. The Launcher is perfect for entering buildings, bridges, ships, platforms or cliffs as well as crossing ravines or rivers, both for military and rescue scenarios. The REBS® Launcher is designed in close co-operation with the Norwegian Forces. The REBS® Launcher is powered with pressurized air, which facilitates low noise operation and enables easy reloading from ordinary diving bottles. The grapnel hooks in high strength aluminum alloy and titanium provides great reach both vertically and horizontally. The power of the launcher can be preset on the fly by adjusting the pressure using the pressure gauge. The Launcher can be used several times at various heights for each tank refill. The number of shots between refills depends on the pressure used for each shot.