Giraffe tracer Pneumatic Pole

The Giraffe Tracer is a pneumatic powered extension and retraction pole for boarding and entering. The Giraffe features an easy to use pneumatic system with push button control for precision up and down movements. The control handle is collapsible and adjustable to retain a slim profile when not in use.


Use the push-buttons to activate the efficient pneumatic system. Thanks to the simple controls the operator can concentrate on the aiming and timing aspects of the operation. Key performance numbers for the two ladder lengths are:

The retraction button has two speeds: push it half-way in to release the pressure and let gravity retract the pole. If more force is required, push the retraction button completely to activate the vacuum system to quickly retract the pole.

The rapid action eccentric handle lock is prepared for use or collapsed into transportation-position in a few seconds. The versatile baseplate(s) are available in multiple sizes to allow the pole to be attached to nearly any location, such as the deck of a RHIB.