Windup Pole

The Windup Pole is a high-performance, 15 m windup action telescopic pole. It is compact, fast and strong and designed for use both on land and at sea. The main difference compared to the manual telescopic poles is the windup control which means that the pole needs less handling and is under certain conditions much easier to extend. The Windup Pole is a telescopic pole with a manually operated winch and belt system to extend it. All parts of the Windup Pole are designed for both land and sea use, and withstand immersion in sea water. The telescoping tubes are made from high strength hybrid carbon fiber composite. The top adapter of the pole is compatible with all of our grapnel hooks with the hulk adapter. Similar to the manual telescopic poles, the windup pole is used for placing a hook with an attached ladder or rope onto a ledge or railing. The windup pole is extended while in vertical position for easy operation.