REBS is already supplier of a similar pneumatic pole system with a reach of 15m, called the Giraffe Tracer. We have been the world distributor of this system for many years and have extensive experience with more than 160 systems sold. The 20m system is a newly developed system based on this extensive experience. The pole is typically used from a Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) to place a hook and ladder on a larger ship, but it can also be used in other situations on other structures including on land.

The Sky Pole is made of edge breaking carbon fiber technology from automotive industry gives unique stiffness and ruggedness to the tubes. This increases the operational safety and effectiveness. Selected materials are optimized to give low weight and the centre of gravity is designed to be lowest possible. The hook is safely locked in place while extending the pole. When pressure in the pole is reduced ie. retracting the pole, the hook is unlocked and releases easily. This gives the opportunity to release the hook while the pole is standing vertically. The new locking mechanism avoids the hook to fall off due to harsh operational conditions and accidentally fall down.