HLH front 2022

Henriksen Liferaft and Rescue Boat Hooks

The Henriksen Liferaft Hooks (HLH) are crane hooks designed for lifting Liferafts, Rescue boats, and Man-Over-Board boats with a total weight up to 3 500 kg. The liferaft hooks provide an automatic release that – if activated – releases the vessel automatically once waterborne. The hooks also offer a manual on-load emergency release as a supplement to the automatic release.

The HLH hook stays permanently attached to the fall wire of the crane, and clips into the steel lifting ring on the liferaft. Holding the liferaft securely while being hoisted out and lowered. Our liferaft hooks are avaliable in two versions; one for loads up to 1'500 kg and one for 3'500 kg. 

Both specifically applied for, and certified according to SOLAS regulation, for lifting Liferafts and rescue vessels carrying people.

To activate the standard automatic release function, a liferaft occupant pulls the red knob downwards when just a few meters above the water. This activates the release mechanism. Once safely afloat and off-load, the hook will automatically open. Enabling the raft to drift free, and the fall wire to be hoisted back up, and reset for the next operation.

If conditions are such that it is not possible to use the automatic release, the Henriksen Liferaft hook also offers a manual release mechanism, intended for emergency situations. This might occur if the raft is on the water but is being pulled by a strong current, or by vessel movement. Under these circumstances, the green handle can be firmly pulled to open the hook.


When the crane operating crew has recovered the hook, it can be quickly reset for by simply pulling the release lever back to its original position. With the hook element reset, it is now ready for the next liferaft launch.