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Exchange and Recertification

A hook (and if applicable, the swivel joint) shall have major service after 5 years. Each hook is delivered with a certificate stating the expiry date. Recertification is a program where the customer sends the hook to us for rehabilitation and a following certification. During service the complete system will be dismounted and the main bolt will be changed together with any parts that have significant tear&wear.

H. Henriksen Exchange Program

Most customers use the Henriksen exchange program. That means they require a refurbished hook when the expiry date is closing in. H. Henriksen will then send (and invoice at full price) a refurbished hook that has approx. the same age as the hook that need service. The customer exchanges the hook when possible, and then return the expired hook to H. Henriksen. H. Henriksen will then credit 30-70% full price of a hook, depending on hook model.

Finally the system/hook is tested just as if it was new (including the 2,5 x WLL test). The hook/systems we send back will normally appear as brand new. A recertification is usually completed within a couple of weeks, and the serviced hook will be ready for 5 new years of heavy service.

H. Henriksen Recertification Program

Other customers have the possibility to send the hook to H. Henriksen and wait until the same hook is returned. This is called the H. Henriksen recertification program. The same will happen during the service but H. Henriksen normally will need 2-3 days in the workshop plus transport, meaning the boat will be without it’s HOOK for a period. The cost of the service is 30-70% of full price of a hook, depending on hook model.

H. Henriksen Exchange program – Overlap with no down time

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H. Henriksen Recertification Program – No overlap causes down time

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Certification Approval & Training

Certification and Technical Approval

Lifting equipment for manned vessels such as FRCs, RIBs, military vessels and MOB boats is subject to strict regulations. All our single point lifting Hooks gets the wheel mark after receiving the proper technical approval. The wheel mark entails that we ourselves approve every hook we manufacture according to procedures and standards that have been approved by Det Norske Veritas (DNV).


Ahead of the approval given from DNV, we perform a 3. party strength calculation. Additionally, DNV witnesses as we carry out the qualification test (destructive). When the test regime and calculations have been approved and accepted, are we issued a certificate from DNV that gives  us the right to sell the products with a wheel mark. Every lifting hook we produce is tested to 2,5 times WLL and undergo a thorough qualification test regime prior to delivery.

Please find certificates for your Henriksen Hook on the Certificates site.

User Training

The users should have regular training with the system. This should be regulated in the training plans for the ship or boat. Training is important to prevent accidents.

Yearly Inspection

Yearly, the hook and hook system must be inspected by a trained inspector.
H. Henriksen can provide a course with a trained personnel for single persons or groups, or a 2 hours personal web-based course to educate service personnel.
The scope is to learn the system and to be able to do a qualified inspection of the hook. There shall be a service record on board to document the details and the results of the yearly inspection.