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Henriksen Off-Load Hooks

All Henriksen Lifting Hooks are off-load hooks, this means that the hook cannot release the boat until the boat hits the water. This means that you avoid dangerous and unintentional hook releases which causes the boat with crew members to drop from large heights. This is a very dangerous event and does unfortunately happen all to often with on-load hooks. It is the geometry of the off-load hook itself that eliminates this possibility, as the hook is unable to release until the load has been off-loaded, hence the term off-load hook. Below is a illustrated explanation.

Hook Closed
When the hook is in the closed state, a manual latch prevents the hook element from rotating, while a spring loaded pawl keeps the lifting ring securely fastened inside the hook.

Hook Activated
When the hook is activated, the locking latch is removed and the hook is in the off-load state. When an off-load hook is subject to a load as shown, the hook is unable to rotate and release the lifting ring. This is due to its inherently stable geometry and we therefore say that is locked by its load. This is what makes our off-load hooks so safe.

Opens Automatically
When the internal release mechanism has been activated and the load applied through the lifting ring to the hook approaches zero, the hook element is able to rotate and release the lifting ring. This means that the hook opens automatically when the boat hits the water but only if the hook has been activated.


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