Henriksen Crane Hooks

The HCH hooks are off-load crane hooks designed for lifting Fast Rescue Crafts, Man-Over-Board boats, Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB) and tenders with a total weight of up to 10 000kg. The HCH hooks are designed for use on small boats for military, offshore and the leisure market.

The Henriksen Crane Hooks differs from all our other hooks by being attached to the crane/davit instead of the boat. The advantage of attaching the hook to the boat, is that the weight of the crane line is kept at a minimum. A light line is safer and easier to handle, especially in rough weather. A crane hook adds more weight to the crane/davit line then a lifting ring and it is therefore critical to keep the weight of the crane hook at a minimum. All our crane hooks have therefore been designed to be as light as possible, and every HCH hook (except the smallest HCH 1,5) are all made exclusively out of grade 5 Titanium.

Operation of an Off-Load Crane Hook 
1. When the boat is close to water level, pull the release cord.
2. When the boat is waterborne, the hook will release automatically.
1. Grab the hook.
2. Prepare for recovery by setting the reset lever into “closed position”.
3. Close the hook.
4. Connect the lifting ring by pushing it into the hook.