Container Systems – Easy to freight

The containers are designed as a full featured garage for the AUV, including all utilities needed to tend to the AUV as it surfaces. No matter if it needs charging, maintenance or repair. Enabling transportation of the Stinger system and its chosen vehicles of deployment. Made to specifications and including the requirements needed for an easy loading, transportation, and off-loading. 

  • 20”, 30” or 40” standard containers, or custom-made containers designed to fit the particular ship, AUV and application. 
  • High-strength low-weight aluminum or steel welded construction
  • Powerful hydraulic system, inside or outside the container.
  • Air condition system
  • Traverse crane system for lifting battery or other parts of the AUV.
  • Strongpoint to lift the complete AUV
  • Service stations, which enables the AUV to be rotated, so that underneath of the AUV is exposed.