Advances in USV control systems and navigation technologies are accelerating rapidly and the number of uses appears ever-increasing. No matter if the USV in question can be operated remotely by an operator on land or nearby vessel, if it’s operated with partially autonomous control or fully autonomously, the need for a launch and recovery method is always an issue to be solved. We have developed a L&R solution for close to every operation needed.

SOLUS – A Safe Lifting Operation

SOLUS is a patented integrated lifting hook / painter hook system that in combination with davits can safely and easily launch and recover USVs as well as regular rescue boats. Developed in collaboration with Vestdavit, it fulfills all safety regulations in accordance with SOLAS and is trial tested for use with existing market leading technology up to sea state 4+. SOLUS is easy to use, requires few operators, and has already proved its worth in rough conditions with untrained operators. With low maintenance costs and a secured lifetime support, you’ll find all the details of the system here.

Ramp or Floating Dock Standard Davit


Using a ramp to launch and recover smaller USVs is quite common, and Henriksen Capture Claw is a versatile solution for ramp operations. Not only mounted on the nose of HUGIN as part of the Stingers launch and recovery solution, but the HPHA hook can also be used as a Ramp Hook when the ramp is equipped with a Henriksen Capture System. The HPHA can then catch and secure itself to a horizontally suspended catch rope. A typical launch and recovery operation from a ramp would be as follows: