Henriksen NORSOK Compliant Off-load Hooks

Henriksen NORSOK Compliant Off-load Hooks

The NORHMK Hooks are specially designed with an integrated swivel joint and is approved by DNV to be compliant with the NORSOK R-002 Lifting Equipment regulations. The NORHMK Hooks are based on our HMKG range and has the same safe handle and large lifting ring skid zone design – resulting in a easier and safer lifting operation.

NORSOK Standard

This NORSOK standard is developed with broad petroleum industry participation by interested parties in the Norwegian petroleum industry and is owned by the Norwegian petroleum industry represented by The Norwegian Oil Industry Association (OLF) and The Federation of Norwegian Industry. The NORSOK standard is valid for technical requirements to lifting appliances and lifting accessories on all fixed and floating installations, mobile offshore units, barges and vessels, as well as on land based plants where petroleum activities are performed. The NORSOK standard is a requirement mainly within Norway and for Norwegian based vessels and equipment, but may also be used elsewhere.


The dynamic forces caused by a MOB boat floating in the sea relative to a stationary platform makes it necessary with a safety factor as high as 9. Also the Hooks have to withstand full WLL in angles -7º to +7º in both side-side and front-back directions.