Ultralight Pole Ladder (UPL)

The REBS® Ultralight Pole Ladder (UPL) is our latest single stile ladder. It is lighter, easier to stack and carry, and stronger. A light weight rigid section ladder that is excellent for both urban and marine boarding and entering.


Find more information in the datasheet.

The UPL is delivered in 1,7 m sections. Depending on the hook used, the system can reach up to 12 m (39 ft) The total length is achieved by connecting (top to bottom): hook, top adapter, five sections of 1,7 m each, an optional single step and a 1,5 m wire ladder. Each section is molded using the latest in carbon fiber molding technology. A coat of durable non slip paint has been applied to the steps. This layer is easy to repaint when necessary, increasing lifespan of the ladders.

The quick connectors make it safe, fast and easy to assemble the sections together. The modular design makes it easy to assemble the required amount of sections to make up the right length for the task at hand. The ladder has rubber tipped standoffs that provide good space for hands and feet which increase climbing comfort and efficiency.

By attaching a flexible wire ladder at the bottom of the ladder sections, an additional 1,5 m of reach is gained. In addition to increasing the total length, the wire ladder also keeps the lowest step closer to the ground.

In marine environments the wire ladder will provide additional reach as well as increased operational safety. The RIB / boarding craft will not be able to knock the ladder off its hold when it is riding on the waves.