FoxTail Mini

Portable and efficient oil skimmer

The FoxTail MINI is a new Henriksen product. FoxTail MINI was develloped through NOFO’s “oil spill response 2010”. The objective was to make a mop skimmer that is lightweight and can be moved by 1 or 2 persons on shorelines. This means that this tool can be used in places that are not accessible using a standard Foxtail without having to rely on machine power to lift or move it.

Main Features

  • Develloped trough NOFO’s “oil spill response 2010”
  • Weight empty: 33kg
  • Weight operative: 50kg
  • Capacity: 3m3/h
  • Motor: Kawasaki 48TH
  • Gasoline: regular 2T 95 Oktan 2%
  • Outlet: 2,5”
  • Mop speed: 1-50m/min
  • Size: 618x410x755mm
  • Easy to carry