Operational awareness systems

Henriksen Awarelight

The awarelight has a narrow field of view which gives good feedback to the crane operator, while not disturbing the boat crew. The awarelight is useful in both the launch and recovery phase.


In the launch phase, continuous light signalizes OK, the hook is closed. The crane operator is told that everything is OK with the hook, and can begin to lift the boat.


When the boat closes in on the water line, the hook operator will activate the hook. The awarelight changes from a continuous light, to a 1 Hz flashing light, telling the crane operator that the boat is ready to be lowered into the water.


As soon as the boat hits the water and the hook opens, the awarelight changes from 1Hz flashing to 10 Hz (more rapid) flashing, and the crane operator knows that the hook has opened.


In the recovery phase, the awarelight will emit a constant light to signalize to the crane operator that the boat is ready to attatch the hook.


As soon as the lifting ring is in place and the crew is ready, the L&R Button is pressed which  will change the constant light to a 10 Hz flashing  light, telling the crane operator that the boat crew is ready for lifting.


The crane operator lifts the boat safely up from the sea, and the Awarelight will time out after 20 seconds.

Henriksen Liftview

The Henriksen Liftview system enables the user to view in real time information about a lift, including load, pitch/roll. The user output is viewed on a screen that also logs every lift. The system contains information about the current hook, all lifts and so on.


Henriksen Liftview

Henriksen Hooks’ new sensor system enables to add sensing, visualization and logging capabilities to any hook in our range. This system will give the user some unique possibilities that will increase operational awareness, and thereby a safer lifting operation.

Key features

  • Display accurate hook load in real time.
  • Log peak loads for every lifting operation
  • Log total numbers of lifting operations
  • View active and logged lifts as detailed plots with trendlines
  • Measure roll and pitch
  • Sense hook status (closed, active or open)
  • Signal hook status with a external lantern