System types

There are a variety of boats with different needs on the market. Henriksen have developed different systems for these operations. All systems are well proven and made to maximizing operational performance.

Integrated Henriksen System (IHS)

During the launch of a boat it is essential that the painter line is not released before the boat is waterborne and the lifting hook has released.

To make this operation as safe as possible and to reduce the danger of releasing the painter hook too early, we have developed a system we call the INTEGRATED HENRIKSEN SYSTEM (IHS).

The IHS system ensures that the painter hook can not be released too early. Thus reducing the possibility of a human error during the launch. All Henriksen hooks can be used in combination with an Integrated Henriksen System (IHS) and a painter hook. We recommend using a IHS system anywhere applicable as it removes the possibility of certain major operator errors and thereby significantly reduces operational risk.

Twin system

We deliver twin systems for different types of crafts in several versions. The system can be operated manually, pneumatic or with electrical actuator. We can also integrate the painter hook in to the system. This will reduce the risk of operational danger when launch and recover the boat.

The hooks are off-load hooks (inherent safe system) and as a twin system makes the safest way to launch a tender, interceptor or workboat which does not require approval as a lifeboat.


M001091 User Manual - ELA_Page_01_Image_0001

The ELA electric actuator is an accessory made for complete remote actuation of painter hooks, and cable operated lifting hooks. Suitable for standalone use, or in combination with the ELP control panel or HRS (Henriksen Radio controlled System)

Ideal for use with USV recovery systems. Or for the retrofitting of electronic actuation on previously manually operated cable actuated Henriksen Hooks. Avaliable for 12v and 24v systems.

The Henriksen USV System

Henriksen has developed an integrated hook and painter line system for USV`s together with davit supplier Vestdavit. This system has proven to be a very safe system for launch and recovery.

  • Can be operated up to sea state 4+
  • Can be combined with conventional RIBs and MOB boats
  • Fulfils all safety regulations in accordance with SOLAS
  • Reduced maintenance time and through life cost
  • Simple to use, requiring few operators
  • Lifetime support
  • Patented


The Autodock system is a semi-automated docking system. The aim of the system was to eliminate the need for the crew to dock / connect a davit ring to the boat hook.

This is done by having a lead line under a davit ring that the boat crew can safely connect to a winch line and then start a guide winch. The rest of the docking is automated from within the console of the boat.

To launch the boat the system work as an off-load system. You activate the system and the lifting disc releases when the boat is waterborn.

We have tested this system in the North Sea with good results.