HEMLIS is a multifaceted system and a collaboration between an acoustic source, air cannons, cables, handling gear, and electric and magnetic power supply.

The system is intended to be towed by USVs and then set to trigger mines to go off by mimicking the sound waves and magnetic fields created by specified vessels.

HEMLIS can easily be assembled on the aft deck of a mothership as the cables are winched out by a new breed of electrical winches that enables a smooth transfer of the streamer cable to the sea. These cables are then transferred to dedicated USVs to secure an unmanned operation. The skids towed as a part of the sweep carry the light-weight airguns and floating elements required to execute a successful detonation operation. The system requires a sufficient amount of power and on small USVs an option is to use a diesel generator to get enough electricity to man the system.

Both a closed loop and a straight tail solution is available depending on desired effectiveness and mission: