Lifting rings / Painter rings

The Henriksen Rings are made with safety in mind. The dimensions are designed to geometrically fit together with the Henriksen Hooks.

The gaps on the handles of the rings ensure a safer operation. These gaps are designed to open in case of obstacles getting attached to the handle unintentionally.

Swivel joint

The swivel joint is mounted between the hook and the lifting frame in order to reduce sideway forces. We recommend installing swivel joints on boats which are frequently used and/or boats that will be launched and recovered in rough sea.

Protection handle

The protection handle will protect the release handle from getting damaged. The protection handle fits over the HSL swivel joint and allows it to move freely.

Bolt set

We offer bolt sets to connect:

  • the hook to the swivel joint
  • the hook or the swivel joint to the Henriksen adapter
  • the hook or the swivel joint to the lifting arrangement of the boat


We deliver shims to reduce the gap between:

  • the mounting plates and the hook or swivel joint
  • the hook and the swivel joint
  • the hook or the swivel joint and the Henriksen adapter

Remote cables

Stainless steel push / pull cables between the lifting hooks, the remote release unit, painter hook and the IHS control unit.


Electronic actuation of cable operated, or fully remote lifting hooks and painter hooks.

  • 12 v / 24 v
  • Standalone / IHS / HRS.
  • Can be retrofitted to previously cable operated hooks.